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Discover the Land of Israel with Hanoch Young and Kol Yehuda. People don't decide to 'visit' Israel - they are 'CALLED' to visit Israel...I want to help everyone have the kind of Israel experience that will change their lives. 

Kol Yehuda - Hanoch's Israel is exactly that: 'a voice from Judah,' a way for you to see Israel through my eyes, and begin to know Israel, as I do. Let me help you learn about Israel and make your visit the experience of a lifetime!​​

Kol Yehuda Israel Tours
​October 7 - October 19, 2018 SOLD OUT
October 21 - November 2, 2018
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Tour Guide: Hanoch Young
Tour Leader: Mikell Clayton


One of the unique things that tour participants will experience is visiting several Jewish communities located in Judea and Samaria and meeting the owners of the vineyards as well as many other Israelis whose daily life is a fight to hold to the Biblical promises of The Land. 

An added bonus will be staying two nights at Biblical Tamar Park, an ancient Jewish city south of the Dead Sea. Staying in the Park will provide an opportunity to experience how people from the times of Abraham, Moses, Solomon, and the Prophets lived in the desert wilderness. Many of the ancients actually visited Tamar and drank from the oasis waters.

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  No, we don’t believe that someone simply decides to come to Israel – they have actually been invited, or called  to come to the Chosen Land – the land where the Bible was actually lived. Contact Hanoch today, to make your trip to Israel an experience of a lifetime! 
Jerusalem thoughout the ages

Jerusalem in the 2nd Temple Period

Masada, Qumran, Ein Gedi & the Dead Sea

Shiloh, home of the Mishkan (Tabernacle)

Wine and Food Tasting Tours

‘Living the Tanach’
Israel’s finest crafts people/vendors
Israel’s fight for independence  

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