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Customized tour itineraries to suit everyone, based upon what they want to see in Israel    
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Specialized focus on those geographic areas of Israel, or Biblical or historical settings that interest you the most.
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Tour Israel with Hanoch
Tour suited for meet the needs and focus of all religious groups.
  No, we don’t believe that someone simply decides to come to Israel – they have actually been invited, or called  to come to the Chosen Land – the land where the Bible was actually lived. Contact Hanoch today, to make your trip to Israel an experience of a lifetime! 

Unique, half-day tours in Jerusalem are also available, open for people to sign up for, periodically – please contact us for a price quote.
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Day tours to every region of the country – with a special focus on Jerusalem, throughout the ages.
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Day rates start at $350 (for groups of six or less) for a full 8 hour day.  $400 for up to nine people.
Special rates for groups of ten and above – please contact us for a personalized quote for your group’s needs.  Email us at:  [email protected]
Examples of Day Tours include:
  1. Shiloh, home of the Mishkan (Tabernacle)
    Shiloh, home of the Mishkan (Tabernacle)
    Step back into history and stand where the Mishkan stood for 369 years!
  2. Jerusalem throughout the ages
    Jerusalem throughout the ages
    Explore Jerusalem through it’s different periods – for a day or a week!
  3. Jerusalem in the 2nd Temple Period
    Jerusalem in the 2nd Temple Period
    Brings the world of Ancient Jerusalem ALIVE! Get that understanding of the important history of that period that you’ve always wanted.
  4. Masada, Qumran, Ein Gedi & the Dead Sea
    Masada, Qumran, Ein Gedi & the Dead Sea
    From heroism and history to oasis and out of this world experience!
  5. Wine and Food Tasting Tours
    Wine and Food Tasting Tours
    In Israel, we don’t just have incredible wines and foods, you actually get to taste prophecy fulfilled in every glass and with every bite.
  6. ‘Living the Tanach’
    ‘Living the Tanach’
    Experience the stories of the Hebrew Bible come alive as you stand in the actual spot where they occurred. You’ll never ‘see’ the Tanach in the same way. David vs Goliath and so much more… Make sure to see it with someone who’s licensed to explore the ancient world!
  7. Israel’s finest crafts people/vendors
    Israel’s finest crafts people/vendors
    Tours designed to expose you to some of Israel’s most unique artisans and vendors. Interested in art? Biblically based jewelry? Skincare products? Leather goods? Custom designed chocolates? Whatever you want – you can find it here in Israel. And I’ll take you there, myself!
  8. Politics/borders/security
    Interested in finding out what’s going on behind the headlines?
  9. Israel’s ongoing fight for independence
    Israel’s ongoing fight for independence
    What happened in the course of Israel’s re-birth?
   And the list just goes on and on…. If it’s in Israel, you’ll want to experience it with Hanoch!

Hanoch also offers various Multi-day tours –
please email for details and a price quote